Who Are We?

Founded in 1948 in England, Brandenburg began as a manufacturer of high-voltage power supplies for analytical instruments. Brandenburg developed its first insect light trap in 1961. From having just one customer for its insect light traps in 1999, Brandenburg has since expanded to become the supplier of innovative pest control solutions to major companies and distributors in 140 countries.
Today, Brandenburg is known primarily for designing and manufacturing insect light traps, and has gained a reputation for quality, innovative products. 
Brandenburg’s success in the market has been driven by its scientific approach to pest control. The company conducts extensive research in an effort to better understand pest behaviour so it can engineer traps that attract more insects, faster, resulting in higher catch rates. The company currently owns the most patents in the world relating to insect light traps and its in-house laboratories dedicated to UV light dispersion, engineering and entomology are continually researching and developing new innovations to make their products more effective and more energy efficient. 
In addition to its range of insect light traps, the company designs and manufactures air sterilisation units for residential and commercial use, as well as biting pest solutions.
Brandenburg designs and manufactures all of its own products in ISO 9001 certified facilities,  and specifies, sources and tests all components of its products prior to manufacture, as well as tests all completed units prior to dispatch. Product efficacy results are validated by independent, accredited facilities to ensure quality and consistency throughout the supply chain. Brandenburg has offices and a warehouse facility in the United States, which keeps stock of products for sale in North and South America, facilities in the United Kingdom to supply Europe and Asia and a manufacturing facility in India to meet the rising demands in the subcontinent.
Continuing on its path of science-based advancement, Brandenburg has also developed the Internet of Pests (IoP), which is a system that uses wireless signals and newly created detection technology to remotely monitor pest activity. The data provided by IoP enables pest control operators to respond immediately to pest activity and identify trends so they can take a proactive approach to treatment. 
By investing strongly in research and development and continuously searching for breakthroughs in the fields of entomology and material sciences, Brandenburg continues to develop and supply leading innovative pest control products. And by understanding the market and the science that drives it, Brandenburg has the opportunity to develop products that not only meet the demand of the market, but help to shape the market.