A Range of Premium Fly Control Products

The Genus® range of insect light traps by Brandenburg is durable, energy-efficient and easy to service.

Brandenburg’s patented Translucent Technology™ increases fly catch rates while minimising power consumption, resulting in reduced running costs and lower CO2 emissions. Every component of our fly traps, including our thoughtfully engineered electronic ballasts, help to maximise UV output and enable end-users to get ahead of the curve on evolving sustainability regulations.

We offer a variety of Genus light traps to fit any space, as well as products that blend into the decor of front-of-house areas. Other products have been designed for back-of-house areas, spaces that require a daily wash-down such as food processing plants, and places with high sanitary requirements such as laboratories and hospitals.

Brandenburg products have also been designed to match regional electricity requirements, so no matter what country you are in, you can take advantage of our premium fly traps to raise your sanitary and sustainability standards.