Creating Cleaner Work Areas and Improving Sanitation

The correlation between an effective insect light trap and improved sanitation is simple. Flies transmit diseases by landing on rotting food or faeces and then landing on food products, plates or utensils.
The faster flies are caught, the less time they have to transmit diseases such as E. coli, salmonella, cholera and typhoid, in addition to about 60 other diseases thought to be transmitted by flies.
Brandenburg has spent decades engineering its light traps with that simple principle in mind: eliminate more flies faster and it will vastly improve hygiene and reduce the risk of spreading disease. From specially designed ballasts and enclosures that propagate UV light to attract more flies, to a large capacity glue board to catch more flies, we continue to innovate to stop diseases before they can spread.
To make our products more effective, we've included the option of adding pheromone trays to units to capture species of flies that are not attracted to UV lights. For highly sensitive hygienic environments such as hospitals and laboratories, we've developed the Genus® Orbit Innova, which comes with germicidal technology that kills viruses and bacteria as well as disease-spreading flies.
Every step in innovation that we take at Brandenburg is developed on a basis of science, with the goal of creating a cleaner work environment and healthier world.