UV air steriliser that kills bacteria and viruses, creating a clean and healthy atmosphere

The Medixair UV air steriliser removes all bacteria and viruses from the air, creating a clean environment for your family, customers or patients. Compact enough to fit in your home and clinically proven to meet the high sanitation standards of hospitals, the Medixair provides the ultimate in air cleanliness anywhere it is placed.

The Medixair uses award-winning technology to protect you and those you care for, providing 24-hour protection against airborne disease such as SARS and all forms of influenza.

High UV-C Exposure

The UVc power sources used in the Medixair are engineered into a geometric array, held within a reflective chamber, to ensure that airborne organisms drawn into the machine are eradicated by the UV source. This design helps to overcome the inherent problem of UV propagation in air to be able to kill even the most resistant microorganisms.

Controlled Air Speed

The air speed through the machine is controlled to maximise the exposure of microorganisms to the UV radiation, whilst simultaneously delivering a significant volume of clean, fresh air back into the room.

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Specifications and Advantages:
  • Coverage 75m3
  • 22,500µW.s/cm2
  • UVc 253.7nm
  • 90 cms tall
  • Metal Construction
  • CE Certified
  • Whisper-quiet
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Product Models & Specifications for Medixair
Order Code:
Medixair Medixair
Dimensions (H:W:D)
874mm x 250mm x250mm  (27.6in x 7.9in x 7.9in)
8.5kg  (18.7lb)
110 Watts

Usage Areas

Medixair is suitable for the following applications
 | Dining area
Food Processing Plants:  
 | Employee dining areas  | QC Laboratories  | Changing / Locker Rooms
 | Public areas  | Storage areas  | Care wards  | Non-public areas
 | Dining areas  | Public/common areas
Hotels / Motels:  
 | Public areas
 | Lounge areas
Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums:  
 | Changing / Locker Rooms
 | Changing / Locker Rooms  | Workout Areas
Schools / Educational Institutions:  
 | Dining Areas
Doctor's / Dentist's Offices:  
 | Public Areas  | Treatment Areas  | Laboratory Areas
Sensitive Manufacturing:  
 | Medical Devices Industries  | Sterile Equipment Manufacturing  | Drug Manufacturing  | Clean Rooms


Consumables for Medixair
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