Creating Better Products through Scientific Understanding

While many companies combine various components from different sources to make their fly traps, Brandenburg designs each individual component to be integrated with each other, resulting in a more effective, more energy efficient fly trap. Using an in-house team of scientists working in our entomology, engineering, and UV laboratories, we are continuously innovating new and better ways for optimal attraction and containment of flying insects. 

Translucent Technology

Our patented technology provides 2.4x greater UVA output, resulting in a faster fly catch and reducing the risk of diseases being transmitted from flies to humans. more

Ingress Protection

For products that require to be washed down by heath and safety reasons, we ensure they are independently rated for “Ingress Protection” so water and dirt don't disrupt their effectiveness. more

Germicidal Technology

This extra feature kills airborne bacteria and viruses, which is absolutely necessary for the strict hygienic standards required in hospitals or laboratories. more